Thursday, 6 October 2016

Man of dreams

We all have dreams in our lives. Some people try to find the true meaning in their lives and follow their gut feeling even though the  whole world seems to be kicking them backwards. And others just go with the flow. But as a child were you curious and thought about making changes to the causes around you. When you were a child the thoughts would wander around having cookies, playing games with friends and finish the homework before you sleep. That’s because our parents used to take care of everything. But  what would have happened if you witnessed the death of animals due to floods and decided to act upon it. Well Jadav Payeng just did that.

He knew the absence of tree cover caused all this calamity. The sole  aim of Jadav was to make the planet greener. Thus he tried seeking the help of village elders, but they just laughed and avoided him. Upon trying to contact the forest department officials mocked him, saying to plant the trees himself ( but he took it serious and actually started planting trees). For three decades he continued to plant saplings.
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Jadav Payeng

Payeng found a riverine island on the banks of Brahmaputra and began to plant saplings. But watering the plants was an issue as the area proved to be vast for one individual. So he came up with a plan, to build a bamboo platform on the top of each sapling and placed an earthen pot with small holes in it. The water would slowly drip on the plants and needed to be refilled only after one week.In 1980 payeng started helping in the society of Golghat district, which involved tree plantation on 200 hectares. It was a 5 year project  and even after the completion of the project he chose to stay back and continue to plant trees in an effort to transform the area into a forest. He lives with a family in a small hut in the forest. He has won numerous awards and is known as the forest man of India.
Presently it has grown into 1360 acres of jungle called Molai forest. And now its  home to Bengal tigers, Indian rhinoceros ,apes and several varieties of birds etc.

Payeng is a simple human being who had dreams and worked hard to accomplish it. We all have dreams
But the question remains, is  How much effort are you willing to take to achieve it???

Abraham Maslow once said In any given moment  we have two options: To step forward into growth or step back  into safety. Well, Jadav chose to step forward. Will you?

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